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tv   Newsline  PBS  December 20, 2013 9:00am-9:31am PST

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you lulu . welcome to the world has one and you know tony in tokyo. here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. i am. the japanese government has a new plan to help people affected by the fruit machine a nuclear accident rebuild their lives. fighting between rival military forces is spreading in south sudan to as peacekeepers are helping to build in seeking refuge in
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the capital of juba. and on nuclear watch we'd look at the impact this trip is to act that is having on the forests and the consequences of not cleaning them up. japanese prime minister shinzo lobbyists trying to make life easier for people affected by the two thousand and eleven nuclear accident in focus yuma. he and his cabinet approved fresh guidelines to boost the reconstruction effort. now people settle in new communities if they need to. we will try to identify the reconstruction of the tuna is essential but sometimes revitalization more than one hundred thousand residents are still forced to live away from their homes because of the accident. the mission is to help them get it back the reiki online soon as possible. the government plans to increase compensation for residents who want to re build or renovate their homes when their evacuation orders are
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lifted. they can also receive payments for mental distress for one year after the orders expire knows he can return home and want to start a new life elsewhere. we'll be able to get financial support to purchase homes. they'll also be eligible to be compensated for mental distress me to this is the key is among those who have given up living at their homes in the evacuation zones. he built a house in the city of iraqi east as some people or adjusting to life in their new communities need support the twenty fourth season begin. i think that the cure is very important one officials have been considered a call to pull up on the financial compensation mentos forgot that that is more important. the operator of a cushion of the nietzsche took electric power company and other firms that run nuclear plants will continue to finance the assistance the government plans to raise the limit of its interest free loans to tesco to buy
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eighty seven billion dollars to make her residence get paid. the patricia max been spurred municipalities near nuclear plants to work on evacuatn plans. but sixty percent of local governments within thirty km of the facilities say they have yet to draw something up officials say eighty two of the one under thirty five municipalities had still not finished compiling evacuation plans as of the beginning of this month. many municipalities are having difficulties finding places to victory people outside their boundaries. they're also still unsure about how to move out of the people from hospitals and care facilities to safer places fighting between rival military groups is spreading in the world's newest nation south sudan. it started last sunday in the capital juba between supporters of the country's president and former vice president. united nations officials say at least five hundred people have been killed and tens of
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thousands more are reportedly fleeing the fighting. nhk world junior team also has more. then at the top of south sudan's a pyramid of power would be the presidential guard corps supporters of taste and style but to hear. having consumed with troops loyal to former vice presidents weakness our lives are in the interim post a few months ago. the un in the party adding effects of the country's ten states late thursday. rebel troops have seized control of the key town for about two hundred kilometers from the can tell the bells also attack the un compound in the border town of aqaba. apparently taking dozens of local civilians that stopped me to stay. at least to the human soldiers were killed in attack the conflict can be traced to
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long standing tensions between two type of grapes the moderate e to come up with sprays didn't hear from steve and ignore. which former vice president s r is a member the greens have said and declared independence from back in two thousand i've been here in the center jerome corsi. this was supposed to pick him and his attention. must share with you. care has accused is formed by trees didn't apply to you. the land has deployed ten thousand peacekeeping personnel to south sudan japan has sent around o hundred. their base in cuba their mission is to build roads drainage ditches. how many friends tracks chair the cell from japan's defence ministry says the violence has chanced their priorities if we do
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when you don't come in about ten thousand people employed in to the compound to it they fill empty spaces and athletic fields. our team members the city of tents in toilets systems. to provide people with clean water. we also have medics that giving children and sick people medical care we think the political instability in juba is gradually settling down. but we can't be too optimistic but i think six pound our operations from one state to three. but this only times that we may be forced to miss the schedule. three years after its breath seth's down his descending into type of violence the big things of the years of civil war can return to black slacks. genius knocked up an eight year old. a shooting in an airport in
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manila has left four people dead and put travelers said a state of panic. much of the attacks along in bangkok has the details. anyhow the philippine town and three other people are trying to initiate a comment on still acknowledge the airport was crowded with christmas holiday traffic this. two men detained by outside gate and no i mean going out the new international airport on friday morning to call it i don't have any of that bong gun was hit while waiting for congress has found a penny is why is among the text. five other people what the jets yes we do not doubt that it's a bit scary to be and it is worrisome because it means the jury in this airport this week. being nice to be done on time. soo good about it witnesses say the gunmen fled the scene on a man to fight in the comments miss this and other details are now in the town of le bon bon
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is on the sup and i didn't need it now. temple was located in the off day for the contested race. she sings talking politicians are not new to the philippines more than sixty people were killed in the weeks leading up to nationwide elections in may anti government protests in thailand showed no sign of the eighteen demonstrations continue to marching band called protest is not minding that a general election planned for february to chris' parents. they also want prime minister you not to know what culture of all faced and an end to the influence of her elder brother tucks into one the aim. he worked for ten thousand friday's demonstrations and the day before the protest and is a bigger battery will be staged on sunday. despite friday's protest as a whole lot. i usually cantandhe ht justice. ifw the power of
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ou look down on the power of the people. prcess nds and former deputy prime minister's intention to fund is courting f tha a m connection to an experienced defense wants to create a people's console and undetected party that would implementiscal reforms he took on teams can begin to register for february's election on monday to take the stepping up its offensive in the meantime. not scored a landslide victory in twenty eleven election. she played still off the substantial support upon those who think that occurred during tie down strap it to economic growth the opposition accuses help affected by grants from sport than the opposition democrat party is backed by the financial cost tm anything. lots of comments to have much chance of winning a national election docra couy officials say they'll decide on saturday with it to dissipate in the election. if they choose to sit this one
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out to be picd up a awesome people live in india where outbreaks last december by the can break the marriage of the young woman on a box in the capital new delhi the cupcake outcry that fun at the crime and sin than the ones that government officials to introduce tough new punishments for offences but efforts to stop a piece of winning on bunny hop the peacekeepers to catch the cheats in cost and nhk western corner that has small the new day. i refuse program and for the victims of forced marriage or domestic violence. i know the government organized a simmer and cook it. maybe it's been since the spring when men who went to get people were squabbling being forced to rent in seo stuffed bull fighter legal advice and help persuade their romance family. yet would seem that
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the stock began beating the that people told us to this day she says severe domestic violence. the programs not to eat the dispute over a high calorie. siemens got to keep up with the husband and kids parents more than one thousand five hundred dollars and then courtney cox. but fifteen months old his parents his straight to optimize. they've asked for a more expansive and increase the stake center and they need more than eight thousand women nationwide. i kicked it to your teaching that mediate the dispute. sima cities sydney and became a statistic constable doing with my husband starts to boil on the anti pc fine tune it police must use the seat
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the couple off and the neon in the tooth and he'll make it and he gazed in all i can say is the kingdom and to heal from an e not a media that you can see i needed a bottle though. that's a sight the knowledge. i'm begging with her son zach is i'm not liking home and it seems i do around the latino community yet they've got to go for it meant the school to discuss the program has seen women. i must say i think abouthat i will clean the person. sunday seemed to its name to get the boat. he believes that a team looking mask to protect women and in print and the teens. three teens who don't institutions. most days sunday i seen tendencies many attendees if the budget
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cuts to add not allowed to go to school with the babies that i open up for tea the girls are suppose to study. they're confined to households to do chores. when can they find time for studying. a year ago the internet the meeting he said. i'm excited to be canned. while all cool. while everyone shouting series of problems. since their own sisters were doctors are involved. that's because i'm reading right. michael stevens. i am a lifetime day seems students with most of the foam at the geffen the only guy to show how women are exposed to harassment and violence by
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men and women eighty bc. for that the guest of honor and she made at the end of the secrets told me to see him fighting against women period. the it sounds i seen any support is here. teaching can demand to see blooming friday. they take longer time the plane. it is the kind of sick father. i've been apart a fire that followed were to leave it plain pasta is. and a slew of rubble on finance and human rights to the financial side the window of the media portrayed in media so they got beat this dead end. a lot of women. i'm joining the black forest in hindi as a dictation test on tuesday the country side this time i became the body
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the need for money and donate the time. i knew my body. you can eat steamboat it wraps up put its hand and petunia when the incoming call. you do if you're still struggling with he told its citizens to whom and in increasing the opponents. it repeats. she will come. don't open til tuesday. from boeing the world. a japanese tourism officials estimate that the number of foreign visitors to the country has topped the government goal of ten million for the first time tourism minister. heehee don't hold that tended to a ceremony that took a spirited airport mark the milestone a couple from thailand was invited to join their band as the ten millionth visitor of
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the year. so was the last board agreed i mean we often come to japan i'm so impressed by the services of sales clerks and other people wherever we go in this country. the number of visitors from asian countries has surged due to weaker yen and the means to these applications for people from south east asian countries the government has been stepping up efforts to protect foreign persons part of its economic growth strategy. oda said the next goal is to work twenty million visitors by around twenty twenty and then host the summer olympic games diamonds of all shapes and sizes drew a big crowd in russia's far east. officials with the republic of socks to put on the event as part of their effort to lure customers from asian countries. they put one thousand euro the products on display at the fair in
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vladivostok. every year saga produces more than thirty four million carats of diamonds. it's almost a third of the global output the polished gems have been exported to the us and europe since the soviet union era. the local producers now make more juror the products because of the advancement in polishing technology officials of the republic say you want to diversify their exports to japan china and india. for reporting this week about the ongoing effort to deal with the radioactive fallout from the nuclear accident in to push him in japan. related story focuses on forests and they cover seventy percent of the prefecture the government has yet to decide how to be contaminate them nhk world. the last time he shows us how tainted the woods are and examines the impact of not cleaning them up. coaching is to
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repeat your toes roamed the petitioner by each new korea prague. policies seem to be rich. surrounded by four weeks. no bimbo such as chrome but not to make energy agency called up to some place to find on a font called some initial harvest bread. and who knows a cool song teenager read a short interlude. it's not the end of iran. both the fuel. its one point eight seven mike receive this hour here that's more than thirty times what's normal. d to greetings in two locations the reed is shown in each race was much higher though what people injured in tekong coming into the live oak road you have to pull them out of radiation levels tend to be high and far. because that re examine its coming
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the researchers say. leaves i need to hide the devil is still played a show. they wanted to i didn't try any of the soul sees stores it has the full race foil. the chaos of the fort and beeps and they correct the soil of the pixel while five and ten six meters. will they be brought low by renault is to test some boards to need it it is also a fluke or paint more about fifty thousand requests of radioactive substances october its immunity twice edible gold to be treated as radioactive waste. the researches of costs on to some sites is spreading beyond the flooring they say rain crisp bread babies show over the ground and into reverse. they think it's too cruel to other areas where people are made
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the main thing that the radioactive substance to do with the soil which can end up in rivers and wells babysitting. what concerned about the people who live downstream. b web's it is a breeze to show a five k on it does fall into some good size because the main issue here was co created to spring people have started returning to dale holmes summer is to say the queen of digital reduce the radiation on apple effectively. to say some prayers says he has even increased since a d chord time in a show. radioactive particles in the forest trickle down when it rains the sun and moon. i think we need to have another round of decontamination work your seat the government duties do not tend to grow in sch de contamination with posting
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four ext. all dishes say to you would need to be extracted store. so im on top of the de suisse. in the city cutting down trees in the moving hope so but destroyed then by edmunds phd to say home is no safe onto the floor is cleaned up so if you look homeless torres de contamination is absolutely necessary. we'll keep on insisting to the government and the radiation levels will go down on acetate to the train only the people to spirits have to be able to return home. was cool so the baby's arrival. we remain high theres still no windy we be able to join them. you are sunny and hk was coaching who consume. there's thunder and
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snow fort ok lar meteorologist robert spencer has the forecast robert. i couldn't be anymore true really as the neon the cda across much of japan was first on the thunderstorms and some cooler weather moved its way in sum the first snow fall in tokyo for the twenty thirteen is twenty fourteen winter season. also the first elf on the year is a cross into the video actually out of baku achieve the prefecture in a role that on this so snow coming down there quite off our earlier on they hope that this influx of all they are from the north around i will try cereal talking about. this wasn't about ten days earlier than normal but twenty eight days earlier than last year's winners of the deals coming out of. and of the force does some roadways to close down other parts than did see some traffic delays to pull back the pictures to the forecast isn't going to be out here because a storm system still there still grainy color tint on conditions across much of
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western japan next twenty four hours on the year is up you could see up for the sixteen sixty five centimeters of snow on top with euphoric even seen not to mention the windy conditions out with this low price period this is going to start to merge with arlo towards the eu still you can see it here the debt is actually in the northern pacific is expected to really develop the next twenty four to forty eight hours and on some areas out here in the northern pacific. oh well away from land can support a ten meter high weight so the shipping traffic really is to have a rough go at it as the head over here towards the west as far as eastern china korea and much of the tropics. all they are at the peak of the big topic of going into your weekend of the strong northerly winds making for very breezy conditions northern philippines you. gale warnings in place some years the cia spies four meter high winds near the coast in even a frost advisories are in effect for northern portions of thailand so is a really good the chilly out here these are your high seventeen their hong kong taipei at fifteen beijing and
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seoul only two in one bus i was going on in the americas korea also talking about some still on his own freezing rain freezing rain warning is currently in effect in upstate new york this will press serious movie in overhead that can block or disease. this is not a big topic i think in the next forty eight hours though it's the solo over a year towards the west riding along the same jet stream. but what's happening this one has a lot more moisture. it's feeding into the cold air from the north. in order to be seen widespread severe thunderstorms across the lower mississippi river valley. the ohio river valley you get the look of freezing rain even some heavy snowfall here as well. and then even thought that was or when we knew the conditions so a lot going on with the storm system as it does develop the push pocket or seasonal this coming week in a lot of people are going to be out about traveling is that the holiday season coming up do be careful out on the roads here in etf like clancy death only wanna be extra careful of cancellations or delays ahead of the system i wanna talk about this workout i love
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snow but a distant washington dc new york by sunday almost feels like summer out there in nineteen twenty three does not feel like summer in much of the year when in windy conditions across the british now some areas one in the thirty one forty km problems especially near the west coast. although slice of bars to close the out together while on the same token the jet stream is supporting this. it dips down towards the south. it ushers in all the school there with that and we're even looking at snow ball in the higher elevations granted but algeria. you are going to the scene of some snow accumulations out here is cut off low in the laurel ovations. heavy rainfall in even the risk of flash flooding through the next several days. thus the two of lead. his extended forecast i am noon. i know. just a
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japan's land mass is about to become even bigger. last month and i like lists created south of tokyo after a volcanic eruption. now scientists as the land could merge with the nearby island by the end of the year the new eyelid is close to a nice emotion island hundreds of kilometers from tokyo
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this footage shows la vie and black smoke inside the crater eruptions or bring about every thirty seconds professor came to know many of the tokyo institute of technology companies in hk a cruise over the past month the area of the new island has grown by at least five times he says more lava may have been drawn out than in other massive volcanic eruptions in the past in japan. political books none of the volcanic activity on the new ireland has been considerable. i've seen at night. rice into the surface for months now. we should pay close attention to the volcano and its eruptions scientists are keeping an eye on the distance between the two islands nice emotion island is the one on the left the new eyelet is on the right. they're separated by distance of only about fifty meters. nobody says the two islands may join them in about two weeks. the new
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one continues to grow at its current pace. and as baseline for this hour and you know johnny and tell you the eye
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the air. a i the pta mom for
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use in traditional performance art and is representative of china. once over a thousand pt known for its existence. now there are only around seven. since china's open market policy was implemented films and tv show ever replace top ranked as the people's favourite pastime. a few weak legal system yet. she had time to shop for. without that resistance to change is being cd
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